Showbox APP Best Movie APP For Android

Showbox APP Best Movie APP For Android
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Showbox is the best movie app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Since this app is not available on Google Play Store, you need to manually download the Showbox apk and install it on your device. This article is intended to show you how to download showbox apk and install it on android. For other supported devices and operating systems like PC, laptops, Windows phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods (touch), Kindle, BlackBerry phones, tablets and Mac, we have separate articles and how-to tutorials for each. Before going into the main topic, let us first discuss something helpful about the show box. Following topics will be cover in this article.



Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright movies. Please use at own risk. The Best Legal alternatives to showbox app are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu and Hulu

Showbox – Introduction

Showbox is a mobile application to download and watch free movies and TV serials on your Smartphone. It is among the top 5 best movies apps for Android as well as for iPhone. It runs smoothly on android, tablets, iPhone, iPad as well as on BlackBerry handsets and Kindle. Lovers of this movie app can also download and install it on PC to enjoy real HD movies on the big screen as well. On any device, this cool app will not let it user bored. It has a huge database of latest and old movies as well as popular TV serials.

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Surprisingly, the team behind the Showbox keep updating the movie database on weekly bases so you’d have lots of latest  movies to watch on weekend with Showbox. There will be soon a music section added to the Showbox. This update will make the show box app your all-in-one entertainment app on Smartphones.

Showbox Apk

Show Box has taken over the internet in past few years due to the awesome features.  This amazing movie app let the Smartphone users watch latest movies in HD and surprisingly for free as well. There is no any subscription required, no login or signup, no payment needed, all you need is to download the Showbox apk and install it on your phone. That’s all. with having a good internet connection, this app will drive you to the  world of entertainment where you can watch online movies, TV serials, shows, dramas and  lots of more.

Features at Glance

Before going into the details on how to download and install Showbox on android and iPhone, let first have a look at the top features of this movie app.  It comes with blazing features that would definitely make you fall in love with show box.

  • Unlike most other movie apps, Showbox is absolutely free
  • It has a huge library of recent as well as old movies
  • The app updating frequently to add more videos into the database
  • Show Box let you download the movies to device to watch offline
  • It also allow to play video live
  • You can browse the movies based on category, year and genre
  • You can bookmark / favorite the video to watch later
  • The quality of streaming is HD, while there are some low to average quality movies as well. This app will let you choose the quality of the streaming which comes to play great role when have low-speed internet.
  • Just like a CD or DVD player, you can pause, rewind, fast forward and stop the movie as and when you want.
  • Since its free, there is no subscription, login or signup required
  • It is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry so
  • You can download and install the show box APK on PC as well
  • Along with movies, it let you watch TV shows and drama serials as well
  • Music section will be soon added to Showbox
  • It has a User friendly interface making it easy to use
  • Showbox is now more than just an app. It turns into a community where you can talk about your favorite movies, discuss the upcoming movies and share your favorite serial of movie with your showbox friends.

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System Requirements

Before downloading Showbox app on your Android Smartphone, make sure it has the following specification  to run the app smoothly.

  • Android Jellybean (version 4.0) and higher
  • 1GB RAM or more since the app is a bit heavy to handle by low RAM devices
  • At least 8GB ROM. More disk space is required depends upon the size of movie file you’re going to download and watch
  • 5 inches or more HD screen for better result.
  • Super 3G or 4G internet connection or High-speed Wi-Fi. Since the app will play 1080p movies, slower internet connection would cause lots of buffering and interruption
  • Any android compatible video player of your choice like VLC player, MX Player or preferably GrowBox.
  • For watching movies over TV or Chromecast devices, you should have the movie casting application. Best apps for chromecasting is LocalCast and AllCast
  • BlackBerry and iOS devices meeting the above criteria can install and run Showbox app. BlackBerry Os version 10.2.1 and above is needed.

Note: The system requirement of Showbox for PC is a separate topic and is covered in the Showbox For PC section of this website.

Download Showbox APK Latest version for Android

As discussed earlier, Showbox app is not available to directly download and install from Google PlayStore, so don’t search for it over there. You may find some apps with similar names, but all are using the goodwill and name fame of the original. All you need is to manually download the latest Showbox .apk file from trusted source on your device. Downloading the file do not required any technical knowledge, installation do however. Once you download the file, install it according the instruction given in the next section of this article.

To download the latest version, go the the page -> Showbox APK Download – Show Box 4.93 Update

Install Showbox on Android

Since Showbox installation on Smartphone is a manual procedure, it is sometime tough for novice to install it especially those who use to install apps from Google PlayStore which is an automatic process. Installing an app from third-party or non-market source requires you to Turn on Unknown Sources installation under the security tab in setting. Location of the tab may vary with the device or the Android OS version but can be located easily in the setting area.

So follow the given steps to install the apk file on your device.

  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • Toggle it to Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Locate the downloaded show box apk in your file manager
  • Tap the file to open and install it. You must agree to permissions demanded by the app.
  • That’s It! You have latest version of Showbox movie app on your device. Enjoy watching movies for free with it.

Showbox Android

Note: Some users might face errors while installing the file on their device or when running it for the first time and later on while downloading videos. All these errors will be discussed in a different section on the Showbox Troubleshoot page.

Here is a quick video to show you how to get showbox on you android phone. No Root is required.

How To use Showbox

The use of this movie app is so simple. Any android user can use showbox to watch movies or even to download the favorite TV shows for later. Once installed on your device, all you need to run watch movies on your mobile is to tap on the show box icon on home screen. The app will however take some time if you are using it for the first time. This is because the  app will load content like latest movies and TV shows to display. You have to wait till the process complete. Once done, you would be able to search for and watch any of your favorite movie from the 300K movies database on your mobile screen. Or you can Cast the movie on TV using method listed on this website.

Note: Sometime users might not see the “Watch Now” button on movies, simply change the server option from torrents to stream video. If you are looking to download the movie via showbox on your android phone, choose the Torrent server instead.

Showbox App

Showbox APP for other devices and OS

The beauty of this versatile movies downloading and watching app is that it is compatible not only with Android phones but with other OS systems as well as high-end mobile devices. Along with support for BlackBerry phones and iPhones you can download and install this app for watching movies on Kindle, iPads, iPods and tablets. Show box app can be your all-in-one movie downloading and playing app for PC as well (thanks to android emulators) as well as on Mac.

Here is the list of devices and OS that support show box

We have tutorial on each of the above listed device and operating system. See this website and other section for more details.