Showbox for iPhone – Download & Install Best Movie App

Showbox for iPhone – Download & Install Best Movie App
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So my friends, you are here probably looking to download showbox for iPhone. Recently, this magic movie app, the showbox, goes viral among smartphone users. It is an easy way to access the world of online streaming on your device, and of course, for free. The app let you enjoy all movies; latest and old, hot and cool, blockbusters and animated movies on your phone with ease. Getting movie on your phone for offline view or watching it online is now just matters of few clicks with this cool app.

Getting showbox for iPhone non-jailbreak version is an easy task than you think. Anyone with a little bit knowledge of computing and those who understand the settings of iPhones can easily download and install showbox on their devices. The world of entertainment will be in your hand once you have the best movie app. So be patient, and follow our tutorial to get the showbox on iPhone.

Showbox for iphone installation Guide

Before we start, let me clear one thing. The showbox movie app version for iphone is named as MovieBox. Moviebox is the showbox alternate for iPhone. It is of course the same app which you are looking to download. So we will use the term moviebox and showbox interchangeably in this guide.

Well, there are many methods of getting the showbox installed on your iPhone. We will share the way to get the original showbox app on your iphone i.e. the Android version. We will also share 2 other most authentic ways to get its alternate, Movie box on your device. All these methods are valid and working on jailbreak and non-jailbreak iPhone.

Method 1: Original Showbox for iPhone Using Android Emulator

Now this is quite a nested method. Here you need to download and install an android emulator on your iPhone. From the emulator, you have to install the showbox apk. So let’s go through the steps of this nested method.

Now let me make it clear, there are android emulators for iPhone, good ones are not free. You have to pay for it. A great android emu for apple devices is the ManyMo. It is best, secure and reliable emulator with good support. Many Mo can run smoothly on iPhone and iPad and will let you play android application on their framework. This emulator is however bit costly. You have to pay $9 per month for their Basic version, $49 a month for pro version and $199 for ultimate.

Showbox ManyMo Emulator

So if you go for the paid emulator, the rest is easy. You would be able to install and download the apk file of showbox on your iphone.

There is however a free android emulator version comes with Cydia that is iAndroid Emulator. Download and install the free version and you’d be able to run showbox on your smartphone.

Method 2: Show Box for iPhone Using vShare

Using vShare iphone app market, you can easily get the moviebox or showbox on your iphone. With vShare, you can get movie box directly on your phone or can get it through PC. This method is the easiest however you have to buy the vShare app.Showbox for iOS using vShare

Here is the guide how to get show box on iOS mobile via vShare. But let first see what are the requirements to get app installed and work properly.


  • Phone Model: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7,
  • iOS version: iOS 7.0, iOS 8.0, iOS 9.0 and iOS 10
  • App: vShare app market should be pre installed on your phone
  • Others: A USB connection cable and PC with Windows OS

1) Go to and download latest version of vShare for Windows

2) Install vShare on PC and run it to get it ready

3) Take data cable and connect your iPhone to the PC.


4) Tap “Trust” from your iPhone to established connection with computer.

Trust The Author vShare

5) Go to the vShare app home screen and Navigate to the “Apps”.

6) In the featured app section, you’ll find Moviebox listed there.

7) If it is not listed, type “Moviebox” or “Showbox” in search bar

Download Showbox vShare

8) Once the app icon appears, click on it to download the app

9) Once downloaded, showbox app now can be push to the iphone via vShare screen. Not do not disconnect iphone from PC while the installation process in progress.

10) Done! You should now see the Moviebox app icon on your phone home screen.

11) Just one last step and that is to make the app Trusted in iphone setting. Go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Find moviebox in the list and tap on developer name. Hit “Trust” when prompted to enable moviebox app.

Now you have installed showbox alternate, the moviebox on your iphone via vSahre.

Method 3: Install Show Box on iPhone Using Cydia Impactor

This method again needed a computer with special software installed on it that is Cydia Impactor. Having these as pre-requirements, you’d be able to install Showbox on iPhone. As we know from the above method that the iOS version should be at least 7 or higher. Earlier version might not be compatible with the current version of showbox and you may got error while running app and playing movies. An additional thing which is required while installing movie app using this method is the Apple ID. You must have one which will be needed later.

So let follow the steps to get moviebox installed on your devices with Cydia app.

Showbox Cydia Impactor

1) Download the Cydia Impactor from here and install it on your PC.

2) Connect you iPhone to the PC via USB cable.

3) Run Cydia Impactor (not as an Administrator) on PC

4) Select the apple device i.e. iphone 6 from Cydia Impactor menu

5) Download Moviebox .ipa file from a trusted source. Here is one.

6) Drag and Drop the iPA file of movie ox into Cydia Impactor.

7) You’d be asked for Apple ID and Password. You have to make the ID Trusted from you iPhone setting in order to continue the process.

8) Moviebox will now install shortly. The icon will appear soon on your home screen.

Congratulations! You have the most versatile movie app on your iphone. Enjoy latest movies and favorite TV shows this weekend with Showbox.


So above we have discussed three most common ways to install showbox on your iphone, more is to come. We will update you with other free and paid ways to get this magi movie app on your devices. In case if you have any trouble downloading, installing and running the app on your phone, let us know in comments.  We will discuss your quarries on the “Showbox Error” and FAQs pages. Thanks for being the reader of our site and user of show box.

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