Showbox for PC and Windows Laptop – Download and Installation

Showbox for PC and Windows Laptop – Download and Installation
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In this how-to tutorial, we will teach you how to get showbox for PC and install it on the Window operating system. Since showbox movie app got very much popular among the Android users, there is no any suitable alternate to showbox for windows operating system. People love to watch movies on showbox, they want to have it on their devices like laptops, notebooks, desktop PCs etc.

You might have android phone with show box installed on it. You may have use it to download latest movies or to stream it directly on the phone. But in case if you want to watch the movie on the big screen i.e. of computer or laptop, you need to have showbox for PC. Simply follow the simple steps written below to get this magical app on your PC. Having showbox installed on your personal computer will let you enjoy not only movies but the TV shows as well.

Showbox for PC

Almost any device with windows Operating can run showbox smoothly using this method. But before diving into the actual topic and method, let us first discuss some useful information regarding the PC installation of Showbox. So let’s break the topic into the following main points.

System requirements

Let first talk about the system requirements to get showbox for PC. In its true sense, these requirements are not actually for the show box but for the emulator that will run the app on your system.

Let make it clear, the .apk file format are not supported on windows, you need to have an app player or in other word an android emulator on your PC to install and run showbox.

There are many app players or android emulator out there, we will discuss the most powerful and the most reliable one here, that’s BlueStacks. We will also teach about how to install show box on other emulators like KO Player, ARC Welder etc, but first start with the Blue Stack.

So following are the system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR2 or DDR3 RAM (more is better).
  • Disk space: This depends on how much movies you want to keep on your system but at least 2 BG free disk space is required
  • Emulator: BlueStacks (download from here) should be pre-install on your system.
  • Graphics: 256MB graphic card is prefer for quality video
  • Sound: The system must have audio driver install
  • Networking: DSL, LAN or 3G, 4G internet. (the fast the better)


Download Showbox for PC

Once you came to know that your PC specification is enough to handle the showbox and android emulator, the BlueStacks, move to the next step. All you need to do is to download the Showbox apk for PC. The apk for PC is same as for the Android; however the Mac and iPhone / iPad app file is different.

You can download show box PC apk by clicking on the link given below. The link is trusted, safe and free from any kind of malware / adware.

Quick Tip: You might already have showbox apk on you android phone. Just connect the phone to the PC ans transfer the latest version of apk to PC.

Install BlueStacks Android Emulator on PC

While you can directly install show box on your android phone, let say Samsung galaxy s6 edge, the case is different for PC. APK file does not supported nor can it run in PC directly. Here you have to take an additional step. Go to the BlueStacks Official website and grab the latest version of BlueStacks.

It is a few MB file, which once downloaded, should be extract and install on your PC. The installation of this android emulator however does not require any technical expertise. Any PC user can install it just like any other application.

BlueStacks Android Emulator

Now we assume that you have latest version of Blue Stacks installed on your system. Open the User interface of the software to get familiar with its look and feature. It would be helpful to see the documentation of this utility on the official website (link given above) to see what’s exciting in it.

So now we will move to the next step which is installation of Show Box on BlueStacks.

Note: There are some other Android Emulators similar BlueStacks which enable your PC to run showbox app. All of them will discuss one by one. However the BlueStacks app player is the best among them. Hence we will start with the most powerful and advance android emulator for now.

Quick Tip: BlueStacks will ask you to login via your Google PlayStore ID or simply via the Gmail account. So sign in with Gmail to access and download other app on BlueStacks from Google PlayStore.

Show box Installation on PC

This section will actually discuss the installation of show box on BlueStacks. This way you would have the app in your PC. This will enable you to enjoy the latest showbox movies as and when it arrives. You will be able to download them into your system for Offline use.

To Install Showbox on BlueStacks, just right click on the downloaded APK file. The menu will open. From here, choose open with BlueStacks APK Installer. That’s all. After a few clicks and agreement on the terms, conditions and permissions, BlueStacks will install apk. The shortcut icon to show box will be added the home screen of Emulator.

Showbox APK for PC

Note: Do not look for Showbox icon on your Desktop or Start Menu, rather it can be find inside the BlueStacks home screen

Run Showbox

Once it is installed on your PC, running showbox is not a hard job. Simply click on the icon and the app’s user interface will be loaded. Now wait for a few minutes as the app will load some data, latest movies etc. Once completed, you can easily stream movie or download it for later use. Your PC is now turned into the home cinema where you can watch HD movies on relatively large screen.

Showbox installation

Advantages of showbox for PC

Showbox for PC has some advantages over the Android. There are however some disadvantages as well. Let first discuss the advantage of showbox app for PC.

  • PCs are relatively faster than android phones due to more RAM.
  • The process speed of PC is higher than mobile phones making the videos load faster and run smoothly.
  • PCs have more disk space, let say 500GB or 1TB. This come to play handy when downloading movies via showbox for offline.
  • PCs have much larger screen, a 1080p movie fit best on it. It let you watch movies in real HD.
  • Along with the large screen size, the graphics card in PCs aid in the video quality of streaming.

Disadvantages of Showbox on PC

Here are some cons of disadvantages of PC version of showbox. Let’s go through it

  • Portability is an issue. You can’t carry it as you carry your Smartphone. However, this could not be an issue with notebook and laptops.
  • Control is not as accurate as in Android phone. Since PCs do not have touch screen, all you need to rely on mouse. But since there are touch screen laptops, this could not be a big problem.
  • 3rd Party software is required to run showbox on PC, laptop or notebook. You need to have an android emulator like BlueStacks or KOPlayer. There is no way to install run and access the movie database of showbox directly.
  • PC user may face lots of errors when installing Showbox on PC as compared to android phone.

Showbox for Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10, the developers of showbox have updated the app interface and program it in the way to make it compatible with Windows 10. The app is easily available for the Windows 8 and Windows 7, it will be soon popular among the windows 10 users.

The trick to get showbox on your PC with Windows 10 installed in not new. It requires the same tools as required for installing it on Windows 7 or 8. You have to follow the same method as you did for previous windows versions.

SO to get showbox on windows 10, you need to install a 3rd party software known as Bluestacks. Bluestacks let you install showbox app on your PC. The app will however actually run on from the Bluestacks interface and not directly on PC.

Once you installed Blue Stacks, go to the install section / install from PC and find the showbox apk that you just downloaded. Click on it and install just like other application. Once finished, the app icon will appear on home screen of the Bluestacks and from there you can run the app. You’ve finished. Now enjoy latest showbox TV shows and movies on your Windows 10 PC.

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