Showbox not working

Showbox not working Here is how to Fix Show Box Errors

Showbox not working Here is how to Fix Show Box Errors
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Showbox not working is a common error message users receive while trying to watch movies on the app. This is really annoying when your most awaited movie is finally on showbox but you can’t manage to watch it due to some malfunction or error. Not only in the beginning, this movie app sometime crashes in between the movie streaming. Some users complain that they have to restart a movie from the beginning as the app stop work in the middle of a movie.

Show box however works smoothly on android, iPhone and Blackberry OS. Recently due upgraded OS version of Android and iphone, the users experience errors more frequently. Moreover, recent updated showbox apk v4.8 has some compatibility issues with the latest OS and hence results in certain errors.

There are numerous reasons for Showbox to not work properly and make the error message to pop up; here we have concluded them all and the way to fix them easily.

1. Showbox Might Not Work Due to Connection Error

Of all the errors and reasons for show box to not work properly or crash during a movie, connection error is the most common one. You might get a connection lost error message in while trying to play a movie or a TV show or even in the middle of a movie. The error sometime states “Connection Lost, Try Again”, “Unable to Connect to Server, try later” or “Connection Error, Showbox wont’ Continue”.

These all indicates whether you have lost connection with the server, the server is down right now or you may have a faulty internet connection. The later one is not the fault of the app. You have to sort it out by restarting your router or checking the internet connection.

If your internet connection is stable and all other apps are working fine, then it is the server or the app itself making the problem.

Try following measure to solve the “Connection Lost” error.

  • Exit the app and restart it after a while
  • Make sure that app is up-to-date. If not, manually update the app to make it work properly.
  • The error might sometime results because of the ISPs. Internet Services Provider sometime backlists the show box. Connect to another internet connection available in your Wi-Fi internet connection list. This is to make it sure that mega movie app is not black listed by your ISP.
  • If the connection error still exists, try downgrading to the older version of Showbox v 4.7.03. The error might be due to compatibility issue which might be resolve by installing the previous version.

2. Show box Has Stopped OR Showbox Not Working

“Showbox has stopped” or “Show box not working” is another common error message that pop ups in the middle of working. The movie app might stop working while watching a movie. This is a common but easy-to-fix error. This error results because the cache or temp files.

Show Box Has Stopped

Here is the solution to fix the Showbox not working error.

  • Disconnect the internet connection of your Smartphone, iPad or PC
  • Go to Setting –> App Setting and find the showbox app there.
  • Click on the app icon and go to the app info / setting interface
  • Find the Cache there.
  • Click on Clear Cache to delete all temp files
  • Re-connect to the Wi-Fi or On Mobile Data
  • Start showbox and it will work smoothly now
  • Note: This will delete all your preferences, movie list or stored setting

3. How to Fix Show box Error “Video Not Available Try Another Server”

Another common showbox error is Video Not Available, Try Another Server. The error comes frequently on iphones and ipads as compared to the android phone or BlackBerry mobiles. The reason is that the app version for iphone or simply the MovieBox has limited Servers and compared to showbox for PC or android version.

Show box not working

When there is a problem in one server, showbx trying to connect to another server to find the required movie there. If the app fails to do it automatically, it pops out the Error the Video Not Available error. The app then asks to Try Another Server.

So here is how to fix the server error

  • Click on the 3-dot menu icon on right-hand sight.
  • Click on the refresh option to refresh the app.
  • The Show box App will connected to another server upon refresh
  • If the video you’re trying to watch still not loading, the video might moved permanently to another server or deleted.
  • Try another video to see if it’s playing on showbox or not. If it works fine, then the issue is with specific video.

Problem 4: Showbox Server is Not Available / The Update Does Not Work

Just like other apps, showbox also required regular updates to work steadily. Show box might also not work if it is not updated regularly. Showbox movie app is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App store / iTunes. However the developers of showbox are working hard to make this app stand out of crowd and provide the best movie watching and entertainment experience to its users.

Whenever the app get outdated, it may cause Showbox Server Not available error or the update does not work error. so to deal with such kind of error, the best possible solution is to update the version.

The app cannot be updated automatically therefore one must have to update it manually. The latest version of showbox is 4.93 and is available on the Topshowbox website. Click the download link to get most updated version of the showbox and fix the update does not work error.

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