Showbox FAQs

Showbox Support and FAQs

Showbox support has compiled a list of Frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by the users of showbox. If you didn’t find your question listed here, ask in comments.

1. What is Showbox?

Showbox is an entertainment app that comes with great features. This movie app let the android users to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, drama serials and documentaries on their smartphones. It is among the top 5 movies and entertainment app with 30 million users worldwide. The user base of this app grow day by day. It is one of the greatest source of watching movies online, have database of millions of movies and TV shows. These movies included both latest and old films.

2. How it works?

The working mechanism of this movie app is simple. Showbox works like any other movie streaming app (e.g. MovieBox, Popcorn time etc). It uses peer servers to find the uploaded movie and play it on the mobile phones. Users can also download a movie of their choice on smart devices to watch it later. Not only on smartphone, show box can stream videos on TV, Kodi and other devices that support Chromecast. This however, needs of a third party app call Growbox.

3. Is Showbox available on Google PlayStore.

Like many other movie and entertainment app, showbox was once available to download from Google playstore. It reaches 10 million downloads in less than a year. But due to some copyright infringements i.e. Copyrighted Movies and TV shows, showbox get removed from the Playstore. But the app goes popular and there is still huge number of Android users looking to download an alternate movie app or to get the original showbox app from another source (in the form of APK for android phones and ipa for iPhone.).

Showbox support FAQs

4. Where to download showbox?

There are a number of website from where you can download the latest version of showbox apk. Few of these sites are just apps providing sites, other are specifically on the showbox niche. You can download show box latest version from TopShowBox (available on our download page). The download link is provided there, clicking which will download the  apk on your android phone or tablet. The total download size is 48m. The file uploaded on this website is tested and scanned for malicious code, malware and viruses and is 100% safe (Clean-Code guaranteed).

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5. What is the current version of showbox apk?

Recently there was more frequent updates to the showbox. Version after version emerges as a results of minor to major fixes. The recent series of apk includes the Showbox version 4.7 followed by 4.73, 4.8.0 and 4.9. The latest version of the app up till now is the version 4.93. There seems a lot improvement in overall features and performance of the showbox. The latest version is stable where most of the bugs and issues are fixed. If you already have the app installed and got some errors on daily basis, I suggest to download the more recent version and install it on your device.

It is however good to know that some older Android OS version like android Jelly Bean and Kitkat (or version 4.0 and 4.4) supports the older version of show box. So if you get a compatibility error, restore or downgrade to previous version of the showbox movie app.

6. What specs required to run the latest version of showbox?

Nothing special required for the showbox to run. Most of the smartphone who runs on android operating system have good specs and are compatible with showbox. Smartphones including Samsung J Series (J1 to J7), Sony Xperia Z series, Q mobile E and Z series, Huawei honor series (Honor 3c and 4c), Oppo A and N series and lots of other latest mobiles can run the app without any issue. Not those recent mobile phones and tablet, show box can run on devices running on Android 4.4 or later. A good RAM, storage and processing speed will however results in better performance and will play movies without hanging or hindrance.

7. Is this movie app free or paid?

The best thing about this movie app is that it is free to use. It s of course free but has great features like a premium movie app. To get it free, all you need is to go to the download page of this website and click on the download link. The latest version of the showbox which is 4.9.3 will be downloaded to your phone. You have to install it by allowing third party installation or installation from unknown source in setting area.

There are however some ads-free version which are paid but I suggest to go with free version first to test the flavor of this mega-entertainment app. You are then wise to opt for the paid version for better and improved experience and watching movies in ad-free environment.

8. Is it safe to have show box on my mobile or PC?

Having show box on your device has nothing to do with your privacy or security. The app didn’t steal any personal information nor it trying to access your sensitive information. There are cases however when someone’s data is on risk due to installation of app from unknown source. But since there are millions users of this move app, no one ever complaint about any  privacy issue with show box at all. This mean it is safe to have showbox on your mobile or PC.

Piracy on the other hand is another thing you need to worry about. This app brings the pirated copies of latest movies like star war, transformer and Spiderman which could be an issue in certain countries. It has been noted that most of the Internet Services Providers (ISPs) have blocked this app from running on their networks. You have to check with your ISP whether they allowed the used of showbox or not.