Showbox Movies List, The Most Popular and Latest

The feature which makes the showbox the No. 1 movies watching and downloading app its huge database and collection of movies. Moreover, showbox movies are streamed in HD resolution online with quality audio that has no match at all. Till to the date, there are more than 300million movies uploaded to the database of this movie app and more added on weekly basis. The team that developed and maintain the show box app is highly motivated and dynamic with passion for providing the quality content to the app users.

Showbox online movies are sorted out in a really nice and well-maintained order. It means that finding a movie from 90s or even 80s is so simple with this app. The app has sorted out movies based on the category or the genre, Language, date of release as well as based on the video quality. The search feature is really quick and bring thousands of results to the search query in next second.

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So, here we are going to have a list of showbox movies. This post will have the top 10 popular movies of all the time, with further sub-division into top 10 funny movies, top 10 animated movies, top action movies, suspense movies and so on. Not only this but we will list down the most recent movies that are added to showbox every week or month. So get in touch with us, and you’ll also stay tuned with the upcoming movies.

Showbox Movies

So let’s started with the top 10 latest movies added to show box recently.

Upcoming Movies of 2018

Here are some of the most awaited movies that will be released on showbox in 2018. Month-wise list of movies for the year 2018 will be published soon.

10+ Most awaited Movies of the Year 2018

  1.  Black Panther
  2. Avengers: Infinity War
  3. Hereditary
  4. Ant-Man and the Wasp
  5. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)
  6. 12 Strong (2018)
  7. Winchester
  8. The Commuter
  9. Fifty Shades Freed (2018)
  10. X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  11. Padmaavat (2018)

Showbox Movies Of The  August

The Meg

Showbox user would be able to watch their favorite film stars Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao and Ruby Rose in action in the 2018 Sci-fi movie, The Meg.

The Meg is around a 70-feet long shark that attacked a sunken submersible. The movie “The Meg” was released on 10 August in Real3D in America and China and then worldwide. It has grossed an estimate of $420million worldwide with average user rating 6.1 out of 10 (on IMDB).


The Meg would be available to watch online or download via showbox at the end of September. There would be possible delay though in uploading it in HD to the showbox server.

Showbox Movies Of The March 

Black Panther

Black Panther is based on the Marvel Comics character “The Black Panther” which is an American Superhero. This Marvel Studio Movie has grossed the $578,376,528 Worldwide. The movie will be soon available on Show box to watch and download.


Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is an action / adventure movie in which the Lara Croft, daughter of a missing adventurer, goes on a mission to find her disappeared father on an isolated island. Tomb Raider 2018 is directed by Roar Uthaug and the story is written by Evan Daugherty and Robertson-Dworet. The release date of the  movie in United Kingdom waas 14th March, 2018 while in United States, it was released by Warner Bros on 16th of March of the year in 3D, RealD, IMAX and IMAX 3D.

The movie is exacted to be the part of Showbox online streaming at the end of April or beginning of May.

Movies for the Month of February

Peter Rabbit (2018)

Peter Rabbit, the first live-action 3D animated adventure movie for the year 2018 was released on 9th February. Peter Rabbit movie is based on a story with the same name written by Beatrix Potter and is directed by Will Gluck.

For show box movies fans, the peter rabbit 3D will be released on showbox in the mid of March 2018.

P.S. Till the writing of this line, the Peter Rabbit  movie has grossed $54 million worldwide.

Movies for the Month of October

American Made (2017)

American Made 2017 is a crime and comedy film released by Universal Pictures, written by Gray Spinelli and directed by Doug Liman. The cast for the movie including  Tom Cruise (as Barry Seal), Domhnall Gleeson (as Monty Schafer), Sarah Wright (as Lucy Seal), Alejandro Edda as Jorge Ochoa and Mauicio Mejia, Jesse Plemons, Jayma Mays, Lola Kirke.

The plot of the movie American Made 2017 is focusing on a former pilot of TAW, the Barry Seal who after retiring from his job, become the drug smuggler. Barry seal involves in smuggling for Medellin Cartel and  later he provide information to the US government.

American Made was released first in Europe a month earlier then United states. It was released theatrically in United Kingdom on 23rd August. However, in United states the movie was released for public on 29th September. You can watch is in 2D and Imax, there is no 3D version of the movie available.  Users of show box movie app can watch this black comedy comes crime movie on the movie app after 25th October 2017. So stay connected with showbox and watch latest movies on your Smartphone .

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The next movie added to showbox is “Kingsman The Golden Circle”. It is a tri-genre action spy comedy Hollywood movie which is produced and directed by Matthew Vaughn. The story of the movie is written by Vaughn and Goldman.

Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017 is the sequel of Kingsman 2014 movie named Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014). Both these movies are based on the comic book series Kingsman. The story of the movie is around the members of Kingsman who need to team up with their American counterpart, Statesman, after the world is held hostage by a new threat to mankind. Both these organizations united to defeat the common enemy.

The Golden Circle (Kingsman series) is premiered in London on 18th of this month. The movie was then first released in United Kingdom on 20th September and comes to United States on 22nd September. It is now widely available for the viewers worldwide. The movie already grossed $125 million dollar covering the cost of its production.

Now let’s comes to it release date on Showbox. Well it will be available to watch on showbox in next month. You can watch it on Cinapex and in Imax.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

Here comes another computer animated movie to added to Showbox in the month of September 2017, The Lego Ninjago Movie. It is a an animated comedy comes action movie based on martial arts. The movie is produced by Warner Animation group and directed by Chrlies, Bob Logan and Paul Fisher. In the movie, a teenager Lego ninja named Lloyd has to face a new threats to his family and homeland. This was all because of  his father villainous past.

The Lego Ninjago Movie 2017 was released for general population of United States on 22nd September by Warner Bros. and viewers can watch it in 2D, 3D, Imax and Dolby Cinema. Since its release, the movie has grossed $40 million Now let’s comes to its released date on showbox, well being a shobox user, you have to wait until 1st November as there are movies in the queue yet to add to the online movie app.

Flatliners (2017)

Now this film, the Flatliners, is surely for medical students or fans of medical and science movies. In this movie, a group of 5 medical students embark on an unusual experiment where they go near-death. The students one by one stop their heart beat for short period of time to taste the flavor of death. They tries to take experience of afterlife and death.

The Flatliners 2017 is another great science fiction (sci-fi movie) that will be added to showbox soon. It is more than just a sci-fi film and more psychological horror movie released by Sony Pictures on 29th of September in United States. The movie is directed by Niels Arden where the cast include Kiefer Sutherland and others.


Battle of the Sexes (film)

The movie Battle of the Sexes is around a tennis match so it would attract sports lovers, especially the tennis fan much. It is an American biographical sports film presented by Fox Searchlight Pictures. The director of the movie is Jonathan Dayton where as the plot of the movie is written by Simon Beaufoy. It is a true story of a tennis match.

Battle of the Sexes is already released for general audience on 22 September. It was premiered much earlier in the beginning of September at Telluride Film Festival. Film stars for the battle of sexes (2017) includes Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Elisabeth Shue, Andrea Riseborough, Sarah Silverman and Austin Stowell in supporting roles.

Note: Battle of the sexes is expected to be added to showbox movies list in the month of October.

September Super-hits

It (2017) Movie

It (Or the It: Chapter One as the second installment is planned) is the Hollywood supernatural horror movie released in 2017. It 2017 is actually based on a novel of the same name, written by Stephen King in 1986. The movie is directed by Andy Muschietti where as the the main film starts of this horror movie includes the Jaeden Lieberher, Pennywise (the Dancing Clown), Jeremy Ray, Finn Wolfhard and Bill Skarsgård. The actual plot of the “It movie” is that a group of seven kids band together when a demon in the appearance of a clown begins hunting the children.

The horror movie, “It” is released theatrically in United States on 8 September 2017 where as its premier was on the 5th of September. The movie grossed $408 million worldwide and is praised by reviewers. The movie has set numerous Box office record and still dominating the box office movies relapsed in the month of September. To watch It 2017 movie on showbox, fan has to wait a little longer as it’s just released. Hopefully you will enjoy watching this movie on your mobile screen using showbox this year.

Showbox Movie of the Week

American Assassin

Now here comes the action and thriller movie for the month of September for the showbox users, the American Assassin. American Assassin filmed based on a 2010 novel of the same name by Vince Flynn. The movie is directed by Michael Cuesta with a few addition in the plot and dialogs by Stephen Schiff.

The main characters of the movie are Michael Keaton, Dylan O’Brien, Shiva Negar Taylor Kitsch and Sanaa Lathan. In American Assassin, a CIA recruit who is a counter terrorist agent,  helps the veteran of Cold war to stop the launching of a deadliest nuclear weapon in the Taliban-occupied Middle East.

American Assassin released worldwide on 15th September this year and till to date, the movie has grossed $26 million worldwide. Since the movie is released in the mid of September, it will be available on showbox after 10th October. There are however many blockbuster movies in the queue to be added to the showbox. So to watch American Assassin on showbox, the users must have to wait a month or less.

Mother! (2017)

Here comes another great movie by Paramount Pictures, Mother! (stylized as mother! 2017). Mother! is actually a psychological horror movie by Darren Aronofsky who is also the writer of the film. The story of the movie is around a family living happy life but then some uninvited guests, a mysterious couple, arrive making their life in trouble while disrupting their calm existence.

Mother! 2017 was premiered on 5 September and presented to the viewers theatrically on 15th September 2017. The movie has been selected for the Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival. It has grossed $17 million worldwide and received a mix of positive and negative feedbacks. As this movie won the hearts of millions viewers around the world, I know that being a user of showbox, you are definitely looking to get this movie on your smartphone with the help of show box. Yes! it will be soon available on shobox and you’ll be watching it there in a month or less.

Wind River (2017)

Wind River (2017) is a Hollywood mystery comes thriller movie which is based around a murder crime scene. In Wind River, an FBI agent is investigating a murder along with an experienced game tracker. The murder occurred on a native American reservation in Wyoming.

  Wind River 2017 Movie

This mystery movie, the wind river is directed and written by Taylor Sheridan. The star of the movie include the Jeremy Renner (Wildlife and Game tracker) and Elizabeth Olsen (FBI Agent).

Wind River is already premiered on in the 2017 Sundance film festival and released theatrically worldwide on 4th August 2017. For the fans of this movie, it will be soon available to watch on the showbox. It is however too earlier to tell the release date of Wind River on showbox, still there is a hope to get this movie till the end of September 2017.


The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick is a romantic and comedy film that is based around a couple who falls in love with each other. The problem is that they have to deals with their cultural differences. Kumail Nanjiani (a Pakistani boy) and Emily V. Gordon, a western girl has to face the cultural differences that comes in their relationship.

The Big Sick 2017

The comedy comes romantic movie, The Big Sick is direct by Michael Showalter and is written by the Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. The famous film stars for this interracial love movie include Zoe Kazan, Kumail Nanjiani, Holly Hunter, Adeel Akhtar, Ray Romano and Anupam Kher. The movies after its released in the July 2017, grossed millions of dollar till to date.

Watch The Big Sick Trailer on Showbox


Kidnap (2017)

Kidnap 2017 is Hollywood action thriller movie that is based around a kidnap scene. This American abduction film is written by Knate Lee and Lew Temple while directed by Luis Prieto. The story is based around a waitress and a mother, Karla, who stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son. Her son is kidnapped by a mentally unstable person.

Kidnap 2017

Although the movie recording and filming was completed in December 2014, it is premiered on July 31 of 2017. It was premiered at the ArcLight Hollywood and after that, released theatrically in United States and worldwide on 4 August 2017. The movie rights were purchased by Aviron Pictures for 3 million and has grossed 30 million worldwide.

Kidnap 2017 will be out at showbox in beginning of October 2017. Users of show box movie app can watch it then on their smartphones of PCs.


Showbox Movies Collection August 2017

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is the Hollywood action plus comedy movie released on 18th August 2017. The film is directed by Patrick Hughes and is based on the script written by Tom O’Connor.

This American action movie, the Hitman’s Bodyguard is based around a world top class bodyguard who is hired to protect a hitman. The hit man must has to testify at the Court of Justice which must be there on the time to the trial at court. The movie casts famous film stars Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek.

The Hitmans Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is released theatrically in United States and worldwide and is on the top of box office for the week. It is released in the month of August so it will be available to watch on showbox in the middle or at the end of September. So stay connected to watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Showbox in HD.

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is a Hollywood Science Fantasy movie which is based around  a mythical structure known as Dark tower. The tower supports all the realities and has holds the universe together. A man in Black is trying to topple the Dark Tower where as The last Gunslinger trying to protect the tower from evil.

The Dark Tower 2017

The Dark tower (2017) is directe4d by Nikolaj Arcel who is the co-writer of the film as well. The actual story is from the Stephen King’s novel, The Dark Tower. The casts includes the famous

The Movie, Dark Tower is already premiered in the City of New York at the Museum of Modern Art on July 31, 2017. There the movie received mix critic and reviews. It is distributed worldwide by Columbia Picture on 4th August and till to date, the dark tower grossed 88 million.

Showbox users will have this movie on their Smartphone not later than the 10th September 2017. The team behind the movies archive of the showbox movie app will try to include this Sci-fi movie to the database till the given date.

Annabelle 2: Creation

Annabelle 2, also known as Annabelle Creation is An American Horror plus supernatural movie by David F. Sandberg. The writer of the movie is Gray Dauberman and is a sequel of Annabelle 2014.  The film stars for Annabelle 2 are Stephanie Sigman, Anthony LaPaglia, Talitha Bateman, and Miranda Otto.

The horror movie, Annabelle 2 is around a little doll Annabelle which is possessed by supernatural forces and evils. The doll Annabelle target the nun and serve girls which comes to the home of a doll maker from orphanage. The movie is full of thrill and horror where you will feel chill in your spine while watching it at your home.

Anabelle 2 Creation

Annabelle: Creation is already premier in Loss Angeles, United State at the LA film festival on 19th June 2017 where it receives mix of praise and critics. The movie released in theaters of United state and all over the world on 11 August 2017. Till to date, the movie grossed $220 million. The movie will be soon added to the show box movies database. Fans and user of showbox can watch Annabelle 2: Creation on the smartphones or showbox enabled devices till the end of September.


The Emoji Movie (2017)

The Emoji Movie is based around a multi-expressional emoji Gene who went for a journey, meet with other emojies and finally become a normal emoji. The Movie is a 3D animated film produced by Sony Pictures Animation. The movie is directed by Tony Leondis. The Story of this emoji film is written by Mike White, Eric Siegel along with the director Leondis. The whole story is based on common emoji symbols used today on internet.

The Emoji Movie Showbox

Gene the central character of the movie find a way to get out of a teenager’s mobile phone. The emoji then set out journey and become a normal emoji at the end.

Emoji Movie 2017 is released and distributed by Columbia Pictures and was first premiered on 23rd July 2017. The movie released theatrically on 28th July and till now, grossed $31 million worldwide. The Emoji Movie will be available to watch on Showbox after 24th August. However with so much movies are in queue like Transformer 5: The Last Knight, Dunkirk, Car 3, Spiderman: Homecoming and Despicable Me 3, it seems that emoji film to be late from schedule date.

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Atomic Blonde is a Hollywood action come spy thriller movie which is based around an undercover MI6 agent. She was sent to Berlin to investigate a murder during Cold war. The victim was a fellow agent of MI6. The agent also has the task to collect the information about the double agents there.

Atomic Bond Showbox

The Atomic Blonde movies is written by Kurt Johnstad and Directed by David Leitch. The story is mostly derived from The Cold City novel published by Oni Press.  Main characters of the movie are Charlize Theron, John Goodman, James McAvoy, Toby Jones, Til Schweiger, Sofia Boutella and Eddie Marsan.

Atomic Blonde 2017 had its premiere on 12th March 2017 while released for public on 28th July 2017. It will soon upload to the latest movies section of Show box and you’d be able to watch it on the app.


Movies added for the month of July (Latest)

  • Girls Trip (2017)

The movie Girls Trip made around four jolly friends who plan a trip to the New Orleans. They were going to attend the annual festival of Essence there and to make some fun. During their trip, they have so much fun, dance, brawl and the hot part, romance. They were partying all nights, make hook-ups with others and fighting with each other over bad decision. Their naughtiness make the Big easy blush.  But after all, their bond get stronger with each other.

Girls Trip (2017) is actually a comedy come romantic movie written by Kenya Barris, Tracy Oliver and directed by Malcolm D. Lee. This comedy movie was premiered on 14th of Jun 2017 and released theatrically on 21st July 2017 in United States and all over the world.

Girls Trip On Showbox

Want to watch Girls Trip on showbox? Stay connected, the movie will be uploaded soon to the database of millions of movies on  the popular movie app. You would be able to watch this movie online on showbox in the mid of August or earlier.

  • Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk is a movie based on a war fought between the soldiers of France, British Empire and Belgium surrounded by the German army. It is based on a real story from world war II. Dunkirk war movie is produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. Cast included Fionn Whitehead, Jack Lowden, Tom Glynn-Carney, Harry Styles, James D’Arcy and Aneurin Barnard.

Dunkirk Showbox

Dunkirk, A War Film on a real event from World War II

The film distrusted by Warner Bros. Picture worldwide. It has make impression in the first week of its release and is currently on the top of box office in term of revenue generated. Dunkirk is released officially in cinemas on 21st of July 2017. It will be soon uploaded to the showbox database and will be available to watch and download on show box and MovieBox movie apps

  • Baby Driver

Baby driver is an action movie by Edgar Wright where Elgort, a playing baby and a young gateway driver was forced to work for a crime boss. the Baby driver was involved in crimes like bank robbery and snatching. There is lot of action and drama in the movie at the same time being creating suspense.

Baby Driver

Also: Watch Full Length Movie “47 Meters Down” with Showbox

Baby Driver is premiered on 11th March 2017at South by Southwest. The film first released on 28th June in cinemas and theaters worldwide under TriStar Pictures. So it’s just released, when it would be added to showbox movies list? The team behind the showbox will soon get this movie for viewers. We hope that the front screen of the movie app will soon houses the Baby Driver 2017

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The Mummy (2017)

This is the third sequel of the mummy where an ancient princes comeback to life in the desert of Egypt. This Hollywood action come adventure movie is written by avid Koepp\ and directed by Alex Kurtzman. Tom Cruise Annabelle and Sofia will perform the leading role in the film.

The Mummy 2017 is already released in United State on 9th of June in both 3D and 2D cinemas. The copies of movie are distributed worldwide where it is being loved by the viewers. This 3d series of Mummy has grossed $350 million worldwide and the revenue is growing day by day.

The Mummy 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the third version of the spider man series. The movies is based on a Comic character, a human who turned into spider man. This action movie is full of thrill, action and suspense.  This time a school going boy Peter Parker (the main role of the movies) tries to balance his life being as a Spider-man fighting crimes and facing the vulture as well as maintaining good grade and performance in his high school.

Spider Man Homecoming

Spider-Man 2017 Homecoming movies is already premiered last month on 28th June in Hollywood. The film receives mix critiques by its viewers. It will released theatrically on 7th July in the United States. Lovers of spider man series can enjoy the homecoming version of the movie in IMAX. 3D and IMAX 3D.

Despicable Me 3

TA DA, Gru meets Dru, the twin of Gru which was long-lost. Dru is a charming, cheerful and more successful than Dru. Both brother team up for another criminal heist. Lover of animated movies was eagerly waiting for the 3 sequel of the Despicable Me and this time, there will be more fun as we has a co-hero along with Gru. The most favorite character, the minions will be with them to assist them both in crimes and sometimes to make trouble for them.

despicable me 3

Despicable Me 3 was premiered at Annecy International Film festival held on 14th June. The film was released theatrically in united stated by Universal Pictures on 30th June 2017. The movie will be added after a month to the movies database, hopefully at the end of July 2017.

Also: Want to watch “The House (2017)” on showbox, keep connected and visit us frequently.


  • Cars 3

Here is another great hit for the lovers of animated film, 3rd series of Car animated movies is released and gain attention worldwide. The movie has done record business in the first week and its continue to grow.

Car 3

Car 3 is a story behind the world best and fasted racer, McQueen. This lightning car has to prove itself the best by competing it rivals which are new generation racing cars, in a grand car race. Car 3 is released by Walt Disney,  produced by Pixar Animated Studio.

Fact: The Beguiled (2017), The most awaited movie of all time to add to the showbox

Editor Picked Movies

  • The Circle (2017)

The Circle is based on a lady who got her dream job as a Customer Relation Officer in a technology company name Circle.  While this was a dream job for Mae Holland (Emma Watson), her agenda was basically to uncover the threat to humanity from advance technology. Now let see if she get success in protecting the humanity from that upcoming threat.

The Circle (2017)

The Circle is basically a sci-fiction based techno-thriller movie by James Ponsoldt. The story of this movie is written by Ponsoldt along with the Dave Eggers. Premiered on 26th Aprile, The Circle (2017) released for theaters and cinemas around the world on28th April 2017.


  • Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a comic action movie based on a female superhero character named Wonder Woman. The movie is plotted around a lady named Diana who as a princess of the Amazons. She leaves home after an event and turned into the Wonder Women to fight a war against the enemies.

Wonder Woman

Watch Wonder Woman in Full Length on Showbox

Wonder woman 2017 is released by Warner Bros picture, directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Zack Snyder, Heinberg and Jason Fuchs. The film was released in the month of May and was first premiered in Shanghai. It is available to watch in 2D, 3D and 3D Max. The trailer of the movie is added to the database of Showbox and will be soon uploaded in full version.


Showbox Movies added in April 2017

Showbox fans, here we come with the latest movies that are added to showbox server in the month of April till yet. So you’d be able to watch these blockbuster films on your smartphone.

The Boss Baby

  • The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is an animated comedy movie produced by DreamWorks Animation. It is just released in the month of April and thanks to the developers, now available to watch and download on Showbox.

This DreamWorks Movie, The Boss Baby is among the most awaited animated movie after Despicable Me 3 and you can locate it in the latest movies section of Show box or can watch it online with the movie app. The plot for this animated comedy film, Boss Baby is that the a little suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby who is also a secret agent teams up with his brother to fight against the puppies.

This cool movie is however worth to watch with your kids this weekend online on showbox.

  • Here Alone
  • Live Cargo
  • The Discovery
  • The Bye Bye Man
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Split
  • Life
  • Passenger
  • Brimstone

More movies and TV shows will be updated soon to the app server. Keep connected to stay tuned.

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Showbox Movies for the month of March 2017

S. No Movie Genre Length
1. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Fantasy/Science fiction 1h 47m
2. Why Him? Romance/Comedy 1h 51m
3. Fifty Shades Darker Drama film/Romance 1h 55m
4. Live by Night Crime film/Drama 2h 9m
5. Patriots Day Drama film/Thriller 2h 13m
6. Sing Drama film/Music 1h 50m
7. Headshot Drama film/Thriller 2 hours
8. Wolves Drama film 1h 49m
9. Underworld: Blood Wars Action/Adventure 1h 33m
10. Doctor Strange Fantasy/Science fiction 1h 55m


Top 10 Upcoming Showbox Movies 2017

This section of “Showbox Movies” page will be updated regularly. The section will list the movies that will be soon added to the movies database and will available to watch on your Android phone within a month. Upcoming movies are the most awaited movies, for example, I personally waiting excitedly for the Despicable Me 3 which is expected to be released in the mid of 2017. Soon after its release, it will be added to the app and will available to watch for free over my Smartphone.

Note that these upcoming movies are different from the movies that will actually released in next few days. The movies added to the list below are actually those that will be uploaded to the database on showbox.

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming


Well this might be the most awaited movie for Spider Man movie Lover. This time the superhero, the Spider-Mad will have a special appearance with more thrill and adventure along the action and suspense. You’d love to see the Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton in the 3rd spider man series movie. The movie will release in the beginning of year 2017 and will be available to download and watch over showbox. So be patience and stay in touch with us to know if its available there or not.

  • Beauty And The Beast

Beauty-And-The-Beast-on-ShowboxWhile writing this article, the “Beauty and The Beast” already hit the Box office. The movie released on 17th of March, 2016 and within one week, watched by millions of fan all over the world. The movie made $180 million profit in just few days, surpassing the Kong – Skull Island. Beauty and the Beast is actually a fairytale movie where the most renowned and most beautiful Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) play role of Belle is in love with the Beast. Few other well-known celebrities of the movie include Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, Dan Stevens, Kevin Kline and Josh Gad. Beauty and the beast will be soon added to showbox movies list and would be love by all age groups. Watch the trailer of the Beauty and The Beast (Source: Youtube)

  • Fast And Furious 8


Fast And Furious series is always been thrilling and adventurous. 7 Fast and Furious series movies are already released by the company. This 8th movie will be a great turn in the actual story. Fast and Furious fans are curious about the release of the 8th edition. They would probably watching it in next month as the film is going to release in the Month of April 2017. It will first released in France. There will be same level of action and mind-blowing  car stunts people love to see. But this time there will be tears in the eyes of Pail Walker fans as we will miss him a lot in “Fast and Furious 8”.

  • Kong: Skull Island


In the month of March, box office got hit by two most awaited movies, the one of which is from King Kong series, the “Kong – Skull Island”. We already have been witnessed the success of two previous King Kong movies, this time, there will more adventure and suspense in the movie. With  Brie Larson and Tom Huddleston in the leading role, Kong Skull Island would be an evergreen movie that people would love to watch again and again. So let see the Giant ape in action with showbox, grab the apk now and wait until the movie added into the database.

  • Logan (Wolverine 3)


The third movie by Hugh Jackman, The Logan (the Wolverine 3) hit the box office on 3rd March 2017. Fans of Jackman would love to watch it soon upon its release. The movie is directed by James Mangold, the winner of Oscar award for best movie director. It means that this movie is worth to watch even if someone is not a big fan of Wolverine series. No other information regarding the cast and release date of the movie is available, we will make it sure to get you informed as and when we have some knowledge regarding this movie.

  • Transformers: The Last Knight


Team behind Transformer movies are best at making action + sci-fi films of transfer series. This latest edition of Transformer series will definitely be a pack of thrill and action. As the previous movies, Transformer – The Last Knight will gain huge popularity among the sci-fi movies lover and will be the best of its kind among the rest. This movie is, however not the last edition but there will be 4 more in upcoming years.

  • War of the Planet of the Apes


This movie for sure will be filled with action. This has proven in the two earlier movies of the Apes that is, the Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The 3rd edition, War of the Planet of the Apes will be released this July in United States. Soon after its release, viewers can watch it free with showbox.  Trailer of War of the Planet of the Apes revealed that there is vast improvement in the graphics of the movie with immense stunt performed by the Koba and the Caesar (the main character of the movie).

  • Maze Runner: the Death Cure


The plot for Maze Runner is that there is an incurable disease known as “Flare” in the movie. The treatment of which is founded inside the Maze in jungle. Dylan O’Brian, the main character of the movie and his friends will try to find that treatment to cure his beloved. This movie will hit the box office next year in the February 2018. The adventure lovers are waiting impatiently to watch the thrilling movie.

  • Power Rangers


Power Rangers is a Science fiction and Action film that will release on 24th March 2017. It will be a 2h 4m long movie casting five ordinary teens that turns into extraordinary heroes when protected their hometown and world from aliens.

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2


This upcoming showbox motion picture is an actually American superhero film where a team of superheroes protecting the galaxy from evils. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is basically the sequel of 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie is produced by Marvel Studio too. Cast of the movie include Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, Pom Klementieff, Chris Sullivan, Elizabeth Debicki, Sean Gunn, Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. This movie will release on May 5, 2017 (in 3D and IMAX 3D) in the United States. This mean that we will have it on showbox app in June.

All time Popular ShowBox Movies

We have added Movies to the Popular Movies section based on the number of views and rating. Here we will include the top 10 most popular and most watched movies over showbox server that you’d probably love to watch. These movies are from different genre including action, adventure, comedy, drama, suspense, horror, sci-fi and romance. Choose your favorite and watch it this weekend with showbox.

  1. Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  4. Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  5. Toy Story
  6. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
  7. Fast And Furious 7
  8. Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)
  9. Survivor (2015)
  10. Kung Fu Panda 3
  11. Gladiator
  12. Finding Nemo
  13. The Conjuring 2
  14. Titanic
  15. Marvel’s The Avengers
  16. Avatar
  17. Inception
  18. Zootopia (2016)
  19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
  20. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Showbox Movies Online

Showbox does not only let you download movies via torrent or file hosting servers, it also let you play and watch movies online. Downloading a movie takes time and space in your hard disk. So why not watch movies with showbox online.

That’s the beauty of this movie app that it gives you choice whether to download a movie, or watch it on the go. while search for your favorite movie, you can select a film and choose between the two options. As we know, this app has huge database of movies, ranging from vintage era movies (1970 and later) as well as the latest movies of 2017. Every day, there are some movies being uploaded to the showbox movies online database. We here constantly updating this page with the fresh movies that are just uploaded to the server.

Showbox Movies Online

Watch showbox movies online

Now we know that we can save movie with show box for offline as well as can play them online. For those who do not know how to watch showbox movie online, just follow the below simple steps.

  • Tap on Showbox icon and run the app
  • Tap on the search icon/ bar and write name of your favorite movie e.g. Kong The Skull Island
  • App will return a list of movies, select the recent one with good resolution and rating
  • Click on the three dots menu at top right corner
  • From menu, Choose “Play Online” option

You’ve done, the movie will be play right on the screen.

It’s Your Turn

So that’s all we know. Now it’s your turn. Since this post is not final, and we will update the list regularly with latest movies and TV show, in case if you are looking for a particular showbox movie or your favorite TV show, let us know in comments. We will try to add that into our list. Also comment your popular showbox movie that you have watch till yet. In case if you do not have Showbox installed on your android phone, go get one from here and watch all these movies for free.