Showbox apk download android

Showbox APK Download – Show Box 5 is Out

Showbox APK download is not available on Google Playstore or iOS because of the strict policies by these two app stores. Therefore this popular movie app apk must be downloaded from the below provided link or the official website. Those who are used to download app from Playstore might find it difficult to get an app from unknown source; this is not a real big deal however. In this article, we will guide you on how to download showbox apk on your device whether latptop, desktop, kindle or smartphone and enjoy movies and TV shows.

To All the crazy fans of Showbox, Show box 5 and 5.01 is out, update your copy of the favorite movie app to the latest version of showbox apk to enjoy uninterrupted, fast and free streaming.

Showbox apk is among the top 3 most downloaded entertainment and movies apps. This movie app has more than 100 million users worldwide; the number is going day by day. Thousands of movies are being watched on showbox including latest movies and the old one. People are used to watch TV shows on Showbox as well. The best thing about show box apk is that it is supported on many devices like Android phones, iphone, iPad, Macbook, ChromBook, Kindle, Mac, PC, Notebook and laptops. You can run the apk on these devices directly or with the help of third party software e.g. BlueStacks and iPhone emulators.

Showbox apk download android

Showbox Apk 4.96 is out, Download it now.

Showbox APK 4.92 is the most recent one that is just released by the developers in the month of July. The former version was 4.91 which is still in used by many users and have not yet updated to the latest one. To get full benefits of showbox movie app, you must upgrade your version to 4.92.

This latest version of showbox app is compatible with devices with Android 5.0 (Android Lollypop) and above. The apk 4.92 has tested on higher android OS versions like 5.1, 5.2 6.0 and Android 7.0 and there were no any issue; the app seems compatible well with the latest version.

However when tried on previous versions like Android 4.4, 4.1 and 4.0 (Jelly Bean and Kit Kat), there was runtime error and connection issues. It is therefore advices to upgrade your OS to enjoy the features of latest show box apk or use the previous apks of the app to avoid any runtime errors.

Showbox APK Download Android

Showbox 5.01 apk is Out, Grab it!

After few week apart, showbox developers has released a more stable an more powerful version of the apk and that is Showbox 5.01. The last version of this popular movie app was came with many unique features including support for Audio as well.

And, it seems that the developers of the app are continuously adding some exciting features, removing bugs. This all is to make the app (.apk) to run flawlessly and stay compatible with latest versions of android. show box 4.94 is a great example.

This time, Showbox 4.94 comes with some unique features as well. The apk 4th installment is worth to try now. So let’s see what’s new and hot in the latest version of Shobox app.

  • Showbox 4.94 is compatible with all previous Android versions including Android OS 4.4, 5.0 and 6.0 (Namely KitKat, Lollypop, Marshmallow ).
  • The latest apk version is compatible with the latest Android OS 7.0 (Nougat ) as well.
  • Streaming quality is improved
  • Sound is updated to Dolby Surround Sound
  • Work flawlessly on Chromecast so you can watch movies on big screen.

Most of the time users ask a question frequently and that is “Is Showbox latest version ad free?”. The answer is partly no and partly yes somewhat. Well developer earn from showing ads so No, none of the showbox version is add free. And yes, you can stop add by viewing it in full-screen mode. After all, the app has lots of feature which make it the world number 1 entertainment app.

Download Show box 4.96 APK Here

Older version of Showbox APK (Google Play Store versions included)

Available Version APK File
ShowBox 4.96 Download
ShowBox 4.95 Download
ShowBox 4.94 Download
ShowBox 4.93 Download
ShowBox 4.92 Download
ShowBox 4.91 Download
ShowBox 4.9 Download
ShowBox 4.82 Download
ShowBox 4.81 Download
ShowBox 4.8 Download
ShowBox 4.73 Download
ShowBox 4.72 Download
ShowBox 4.71 Download
ShowBox 4.7 Download
ShowBox 4.69 Download
ShowBox 4.68 Download
ShowBox 4.66 Download
ShowBox 4.65 Download
ShowBox 4.64 Download
ShowBox 4.61 Download
ShowBox 4.53 Download
ShowBox 4.52 Download
ShowBox 4.51 Download
ShowBox 4.5 Download
ShowBox 4.27 Download
ShowBox 4.25 Download
ShowBox 4.24 Download
ShowBox 4.23 Download
ShowBox 4.22 Download
ShowBox 4.19 Download
ShowBox 4.16 Download
ShowBox 4.11 Download
ShowBox 4.10 Download
ShowBox 4.09 Download
ShowBox 4.08 Download
ShowBox 4.04 Download
ShowBox 3.84 Download
ShowBox 3.1 Download

Download Showbox Apk 4.93 (showbox current version)

  • File type:                  .apk (for android OS)
  • Name:                       Showbox APK v 4.92 (Movie / entertainment app)
  • Version:                    v 4.93
  • Size:                           38.7 MB
  • Updated on:           07th June 2017
  • Requirement:        Android 4.0 and higher

What’s New in 4.93 Version?

  • Developers have made this version of the show box bug free though not totally. There are several fixes being made to this version. Here are few major changes and addition to the latest version.
  • You can play movie as a whole, not in chunks. This was real problem for those who used to watch showbox on TV with Chromecast.
  • A and B Servers are introduced in the new version. So you have option to select among the both after selecting movie
  • Look and feel of the app interface is modified. You will have more vivid “Download” and “Watch Now” buttons.
  • A few bugs are fixed in the new version.

You can play Music with showbox apk now

Among the frequent updates in the app, showbox now let you listen to music as well. The new version is comes with the music streaming feature as compared to previous versions.

Showbox Not Working, fix it here: Showbox not working Here is how to Fix Show Box Errors

Showbox 4.92 for PC, Laptop and Notebook

As we all know, APK is an android file and not supported by windows operating system. We all know that windows PCs, Laptops and Notebooks support .exe file format to install an application or software. But thanks to App players and BlueStacks, you can enjoy watching movies with showbox just like you do on Smartphone.

To get it on PC, you first read the article on how to get showbox on PC and follow the easy steps. Download apk version 4.92 or the latest version, that is, Showobx 5.0 and use it with BlueStacks on PC

Showbox APK for iPhone, ipad and Mac

Well some people are looking to download the Showbox apk on other operating system as well. However it should be noted that apk is android supported file. For iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Mac, a different file version is used known as .ipa.

To install the app via .ipa file let say showbox ipa, you must need to jailbreak your ions device. In other case, you can install android emulator on your iphone or ipad to make the show box apk work properly. Tutuapp is another option which let you download and install premium apps on your iphone.

Showbox App apk for BlackBerry

Not all the devices uses same operating system, thus not all devices support apk file format. Just like Apple iphone or devices that run on iOS, BlackBerry has a different operating system known as BlackBerry OS. To run showbox on blackberry devices, you must install the supported file format not the apk.

Previous versions of Showbox APK

If the current version of the app is not compatible with your device of operating system, you can get one from previous versions here. It is noted that Showbox apk 4.7 was the most stable version as compared to v 4.8. There is also less complains about v 4.9 and 4.91. So here are all the previous versions to download from the latest to the oldest.

  • Download Showbox apk 4.92
  • Show Box v 4.91
  • Download Show box apk 4.8
  • Showbox v 4.7
  • Download version 4.6 showbox ap